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Campus District

Campus District - Photo Bob Perkoski
Campus District - Photo Bob Perkoski
Containing two institutions of higher learning, Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), the Campus District bustles with youthful energy. In addition to the more than 25,000 students who attend classes here, there are an additional 20,000 people who work in the district. Toss in the hundreds of other businesses, institutions and places of worship that call the area home and you get a dense 500-acre district that attracts over 100,000 people every single week. The newly completed Euclid Corridor Project makes travel east or west a speedy breeze.

Located just east of the PlayhouseSquare district, this region of the city is fast becoming a prized live-work hub. Teeming with creative types and the start-ups they establish, warehouses like the Artcraft Building and Tower Press have undergone recent transformations in both look and purpose. Sandwiched between downtown and AsiaTown, the region is close to some of the city's best dining, shopping and entertainment options. But why leave the area at all? Located within the Campus District borders are numerous restaurants, markets and even a YMCA.

Campus District Features

for those about to rock, tri-c's music curriculum prepares you for a music-filled career

Any teenager with a smartphone and some ingenuity can record a song and download it to SoundCloud or YouTube. But Cuyahoga Community College’s recording arts and technology program prepares students for all types of positions within the audio industry.

putting art at the heart of neighborhood redevelopment

Artists are often the first to move into urban neighborhoods, and also the first to move out when rents escalate. Yet in the post-recession landscape, many communities are working with artists to transform blight, engage residents and reimagine their neighborhoods.

from bust to boom: how the city's brand is on the rise, within our borders and beyond

There has been a flood of new businesses that tout the city through an assortment of Cleveland-themed apparel and products or by integrating the city name right into the company’s branding. Many point to the recent recession as the dawn of this entrepreneurial movement, which coincided with a newfound pride of place.

now schooling: cooking up a solution to the growing culinary talent gap

As our restaurant scene continues to thrive, local chefs and owners increasingly are finding it difficult to fill all open positions. Institutions in town, including an accredited culinary school, have their merits, say local restaurateurs, but they also have a way to go before they reach the point where they'll plug the culinary talent gap.  

lab chat: why the heck does drug development take so long?

Welcome to the latest round of Lab Chat, in which we try to demystify the often complex field of biomedical research. Today, our well informed post-doc takes on commercial drug development, specifically, why the heck does it take so long for prescription drugs to move from lab to local pharmacy?  
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Campus District Founders

stephen mchale

stephen mchale

City: Campus District

Meet Stephen McHale, founder of Explorys, an innovation spinoff from Cleveland Clinic with 130 employees that provides the healthcare industry with a secure, cloud-based analytics platform.

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