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Jamilla Naji art at 78th St Studios - Photo Bob Perkoski
Jamilla Naji art at 78th St Studios - Photo Bob Perkoski | Show Photo


Playhouse Square - Photo Bob Perkoski
Playhouse Square - Photo Bob Perkoski
The "play" in PlayhouseSquare refers, certainly, to the world class productions that grace the district's multiple stages. As the second-largest performing arts district in the nation, the calendar bursts with theater, opera, dance and music. In addition to the five grand dames Allen, Hanna, Ohio, State and Palace this artsy corner of the city also boasts many smaller performance spaces ideal for cabaret, comedy and spoken word.

For those who seek to learn as opposed to just watch, PlayhouseSquare is a regional leader in arts education. By connecting students with artists and educators, a full palette of workshops and speaker series offer high-quality opportunities for artistic advancement. From field trips to dance lessons, the roster overflows with community outreach experiences. Home base for much of that programming is the state-of-the-art Idea Center building, home not only to WVIZ/PBS and 90.3 WCPN, but also a handful of high-tech companies.

Of course, actors and theatergoers need places to eat, drink and sleep. It's no surprise then that the area contains the requisite crop of restaurants, bars and hotels that cater to visitors, both short- and long-term.

PlayhouseSquare Features

bizarro land: cleveland's weird, wacky and wholly unexpected delights

Now that we've emerged from our respective huts, it's time to stop squinting towards the sky and go do something. Sure, the usual line-up of outdoor activities awaits -- but aren't there any surprises left in CLE? You bet there are, and we're about to point you in the right direction.

inside out: global cle's talent attraction campaign aimed at filling jobs, repopulating city core

On Thursday, May 1, Global Cleveland will officially launch its talent attraction campaign at a major event at the Cleveland Convention Center. The event -- like the organization hosting it -- is focused on increasing the population while strengthening the local economy.

follow you, follow me: the social media mavens we can't get enough of

In Cleveland’s ever-evolving social media community, there is a wide variety of contributors to the civic dialogue. We've complied a list of some of our favorite voices -- a mix of up-and-comers and seasoned vets from different corners of the web who are using their blogs, podcasts and Twitter feeds to give the city a voice.

what cities like cleveland can learn from memphis

The City of Memphis is on the rise thanks to a growing startup community, investments in bike lanes, a burgeoning arts district and people moving back to the city. Through it all, the city has listened to its residents and embraced "lean urbanism." Cleveland should take heed.

if you build it: area advocates work to get cameras rolling on cleveland film industry

Watching Cleveland getting rocked for two hours in Captain America is great, but when the rush fades and reality creeps in, we're left with no guarantee Hollywood is ever going to return. A group of area stakeholders is advocating for changes that would attract more film projects, or even a prestige TV drama, to the North Coast.
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PlayhouseSquare Founders

ryan o'donnell

ryan o'donnell

City: Independence

Meet Ryan O’Donnell, founder of Sociagram, a cloud-based video communication platform with four employees.

rich rodman

rich rodman

City: PlayhouseSquare

Meet Rich Rodman, founder of Crowdentials, a company with five employees in Cleveland that makes regulatory compliance software for the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act. 

gene groys

gene groys

City: PlayhouseSquare

Meet Gene Groys, founder of OnShift.

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