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photo Bob Perkoski

The City of Cleveland launched a 10-year initiative in 2009 to transform itself into a "Green City on a Blue Lake." With the goal of making the region attractive to young professionals, this administration seeks at every turn to reduce carbon emissions, expand green spaces, increase bike access, and improve the health and wellbeing of its residents -- all while fostering sustainable economic growth. Sustainability is about more than installing CFLs; it is a way of looking at everything from food and art to architecture and transportation with an eye towards the future. Paying heed now to the triple bottom line ensures that tomorrow's generation will have the opportunity to do the same.


Crooked River Skate Park

but wait, there's more! 10 huge projects clevelanders are eagerly anticipating

A fresh energy is crackling all across the 216, from ambitious new developments taking shape downtown and in University Circle, to bike-friendly avenues and the transformation of blight into pedestrian-friendly green space. But the fun’s just getting started. We rounded up 10 of the most exciting projects on the horizon that have us shaking with anticipation.

Medical Center Company's one megawatt solar farm

making sustainability in cleveland the new business-as-usual

In the past five years, Cleveland has made significant progress towards becoming a “green city on a blue lake.” This year’s Sustainable Cleveland 2019 summit will focus on leveraging those successes. But how sustainable are we? A new report examines key indicators and highlights some of the newest, greenest projects across the city. 

SOUP Cleveland

SOUP's on: meal-based micro-grant program for creative projects takes root in cleveland

Based on the dinner-party model, Cleveland SOUP provides financial support for innovative, locally based initiatives that touch on sustainability, public art and diversity. As garnering funds can often be one of the tallest hurdles for independent upstarts, SOUP has helped offset those costs in more than 60 cities.

A Beer Four All Seasons

how local is your beer? craft brewers increasingly employing local, seasonal ingredients

Despite our obsession with locally brewed craft beer, many of the ingredients that go into those suds are anything but local. But that is quickly changing as area brewmasters increasingly seek out ways to tap into the local ‘farm-to-pint’ movement by adding more and more fresh ingredients.

The Terminal Tower

new life for a grand old dame: terminal tower steps into the 21st century

Once among the tallest buildings in the world, the Terminal Tower remains the signature landmark of the Cleveland skyline. Following a massive top-to-bottom, inside-out renovation in 2005, the iconic structure is welcoming a host of new commercial tenants, including start-ups looking for co-working space. 
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Green Founders

jeff battershell

jeff battershell

City: Lakewood

Meet Jeff Battershell, founder of Keepin’ it Fresh, an embroidered product company that focuses on water conservation and the brewery industry.

ann king

ann king

City: AsiaTown/St. Clair Superior

Meet Ann King, founder of BORROW Rentals, a custom rental house for unique furniture and accessories in Cleveland with four employees. 

bill ayars

bill ayars

City: Cleveland

Meet Bill Ayars, co-founder of Perspectus Architecture, a full-service planning and architectural design firm in Shaker Square with eight principals and 36 employees. 

alec mcclennan

alec mcclennan

City: Emerging Neighborhoods

Meet Alec McClennan, founder of Good Nature Organic Lawn Care, a Cleveland landscaping company with 25 employees.

deej lincoln

deej lincoln

City: MidTown

Meet James "Deej" Lincoln, founder of Reclaimed Cleveland, a retail and custom furnishings company in Midtown.

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