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Jo Donofrio is a freelance writer and marketing professional with an interest in medical and health care topics and human interest stories. Her work has been published in various outlets including Cleveland Magazine, MD News, and Angels on Earth (Guideposts).She enjoys the outdoors and recently tried her hand at Pickleball.
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GardenWalk Cleveland: Changing neighborhood perceptions through creative landscapes
GardenWalk Cleveland will feature more than 400 gardens in 11 Cleveland neighborhoods this weekend—showing off the work, creativity, and neighborhood pride of local gardeners.
Against the Odds: Towards Employment alums to share their stories at A Chance to Advance fundraiser
At age 16, Ronnie Cannon was an average kid who made some bad decisions and served nearly 20 years in prison before turning his life around. Upon his release, he found Towards Employment, which helps individuals overcome barriers to employment and a career path to success. Cannon and two others will share their stories of personal and career transformation at Towards Employment's fundraiser A Chance to Advance this Friday, June 14 at the Maltz Performing Arts Center on the Case Western Reserve University campus.
Service with a smile: Four generations have kept Gallucci’s Italian Foods going strong
Since 1912 and through four generations, Gallucci's Italian Foods & Market has served customers from all backgrounds and ethnicities with founder Gust Gallucci's original mantra: Sell the best product at the best possible price and provide good service with a smile and a 'thank you.'
Pickleball frenzy: Clevelanders embrace the country’s fastest-growing sport
The pickleball craze is taking off in Northeast Ohio. The hybrid of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton is now one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and new facilities are popping up all over Greater Cleveland.
Imaginary kingdom: Toys, Dolls and Minis has evolved into interactive store for all ages
Toys, Dolls and Minis owner Dawn Reese launched her store in 2007 as a place where people could shop for her handmade porcelain dolls. As times changed, she evolved into an interactive, yet old-fashioned, toy store where kids get to experience hands-on play. 
Leading the way: Cleveland Clinic focuses research on both current and future pandemics
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for extensive research and innovation to treat both the current and future health pandemics. With its Global Center for Pathogen Research & Human Health, Cleveland Clinic is at the forefront to find treatments and cures for infectious diseases.
Caring for the vulnerable: The impact of COVID-19 on mental health in teens and seniors
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a widespread impact on everyone's mental health, but children and seniors are especially vulnerable to anxiety, isolation, and depression during this time. Cleveland Clinic doctors provide some advice on how to protect our loved ones.
The combined challenges of COVID-19, respiratory virus season, and back-to-school
As respiratory season approaches and the COVID-19 Delta variant is causing increased cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, Cleveland Clinic experts are promoting vaccines and other preventative measures to keep healthy this fall.
One-on-One: Cleveland Clinic providers speak to patients about the Delta variant and the vaccine
The Delta variant now accounts for more than 82% of all current COVID-19 cases, and is more than two times more transmissible than previous variants. Experts at Cleveland Clinic are talking to their patients, stressing that the Delta variant should be an incentive for people to get vaccinated.
Safety, efficacy, and access: Cleveland Clinic’s response to the COVID-19 vaccine
With three effective vaccines available, progress is being made in the fight against COVID-19 and the number of cases in Ohio declining on a daily basis. The Cleveland Clinic is working hard to increase vaccinations and keep the COVID-19 cases on the decline with targeted programs to reach more people.
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