Thinking spring: Nature Center at Shaker Lakes launches annual Plant Sale

The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes launched the online perennial sales portion of its 42nd annual Plant Sale this past Monday, March 18, which runs through Friday, April 5 or until stock is sold out.

The online sale features hard-to-find native plants that attract and support local wildlife—particularly butterflies, birds, and insects. The focus on native plants supports the Nature Center’s mission of conservation and environmental stewardship.

To further expand the native perennial offerings and delivery radius, the Nature Center has partnered with My Home Park for this year’s sale, which offers pre-planned native perennial gardens for all sizes and conditions, as well as a la carte offerings.

The preplanned gardens are companion plantings that work well together, and help customers make the switch to a more environmentally friendly garden.

Online Perennial Sale for Pick-Up at the Nature CenterOnline Perennial Sale for Pick-Up at the Nature Center“Many in our local communities stray from native gardening simply because they believe a native garden is not as easy or beautiful as a typical popularized garden or is more difficult or expensive compared to gardening with annuals,” Nature Center president and CEO Peter Bode said in a statement, adding that native trees and plants help protect and restore healthy soil and water resources. “The truth is native gardening is beautiful and includes the added benefits of providing habitats and food sources for dwindling pollinator populations such as bees, wasps, caterpillars, beetles, flies, moths, butterflies and birds.”

For a small delivery fee, home delivery is included to anywhere in the region. Perennial orders can also be picked up at the Nature Center

If customers cannot find what they are looking for online, the in-person Plant Sale is on Saturday, May 11, and will include expansive perennial offerings, trees, and shrubs and well as annuals, edibles and hanging baskets.

Then, on June 8, the Nature Center will host the Home Grown sale, which offers locally grown native perennials donated by experienced local gardeners, where the Nature Center receives 100% of the income from plants sole.

Nature Center members can join Plant Sale Day and the Home Grown Sale ahead of the crowd and mingle with fellow garden enthusiasts and get expert planting advice from Nature Center staff and volunteers.

To prepare for spring planting season and plan purchases, Curb Appeal Painting and Bartlett Tree Experts throughout March and April are sponsoring a free lecture series, Bringing Nature Home, to learn about native plants, plant selection, garden design, invasive removal, and rain gardens.

The Annual Plant Sale is an important fundraiser for the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes and supports the public trails, natural habitats, and environmental education programs that welcome more than 140,000 people each year.